This year’s Atlassian’s Summit was filled with exciting news – including an announcement from Atlassian that they will begin supporting Data Center applications on AWS.

Whether you’re already running your Atlassian applications on AWS or are looking into that option, this is major news. AWS support for Data Center will enable you to unlock the full power of the AWS cloud without compromising on the availability, scalability, and performance of Atlassian’s Data Center options.

Deploy Your Data Center on AWS and Receive $1,200 in AWS Credits!

Atlassian and Amazon are making it easy to adopt a Data Center on the AWS cloud. If you evaluate JIRA Software Data Center or Bitbucket Data Center before December 31, 2016, Amazon will offer up to $1,200 in credits to help you cover the costs.

But don’t delay! There are a limited number of credits available, so you need to act fast.

Funded Migration to the AWS Cloud through Elasity’s Proof of Concept (PoC) Program

In addition to receiving the $1,200 in AWS Credits, Elasity is providing funding to offset the costs of migrating your Atlassian Data Center to AWS.

To learn more about these offers, contact Elasity!

Why Choose a Data Center Deployment Option?

Atlassian’s Data Center deployment options (available for JIRA Software, JIRA Service Desk, Portfolio for JIRA, Confluence, and Bitbucket) mean availability when you need it, unparalleled performance, and maximum scalability:

  • High Availability: By clustering multiple active servers, sharing files, and balancing loads across your Data Center clusters, you can ensure users continue to have uninterrupted access to their most critical applications (even in the event of a failure).
  • Performance at Scale: Whether you have two or four nodes, the Data Center deployment option allows you to boost capacity without performance taking a hit. Hardwired resilience and dedicated nodes for automated tasks deliver high-quality service whenever your teams need it.
  • Instant Scalability: Atlassian’s Data Center deployment option lets new nodes join with no downtime, existing nodes synchronize automatically, and applications to re-index without locking the system. You can do all this scaling without incurring any additional license costs (since Data Center deployment options are licensed by the number of users not CPUs or servers).
Run Atlassian Your Way with Elasity

Elasity enables you to take full advantage of the AWS cloud, with a fully managed solution supported by a team of Atlassian and AWS experts:

  • Secure and Compliant: The AWS cloud is architected to deliver maximum security, whether you’re a tech start-up or Fortune 500 company.
  • Scalable and Automated: Applications, platforms, and infrastructure are all code today to ensure maximum efficiency, deploy across departments, remove barriers, and scale with you.
  • Disaster Recovery (DR): Automated and simplified DR capabilities enable you to leverage AWS cross-region DR methods including regular, pre-scheduled replications of your Atlassian suite to the AWS Region of your choice.
  • External Authentication Integration: Interfacing with Active Directory, LDAP, and other systems facilitates Single Sign On (SSO) to your Atlassian applications.
  • Connect via Private Networks: CloudConnect (our authorized AWS Direct Connect service) provides up to 10G connections to your Atlassian applications across a number of AWS Regions.
  • Expert Support 24x7x365: Our organization is based on 10 years of proven customer success. If you need to call to speak to someone, our certified AWS and Atlassian experts are here to listen to you 24x7x365!

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