This past September, iTMethods was excited to be part of the AWS Enterprise Summit in Toronto as a sponsor. It was a pleasure to meet with clients (current and prospective) and learn more about their cloud journeys.

Highlights from the Toronto AWS Enterprise Summit

The AWS Enterprise Summit, held in cities around the world, gives the cloud community the opportunity to come together, connect, and collaborate about AWS. Whether you’re an AWS novice or veteran, the Enterprise Summit has something new for everyone to learn.

This year, two of the most memorable experiences for our team were:

  • Stephen Orban’s Keynote Presentation: As the Head of Enterprise Strategy for Amazon Web Services (AWS), Stephen oversees the mass migration program and enterprise strategy. He used his time to share with us how the AWS cloud can enable organizations to devote more energy and resources to their customers in ways other alternatives can’t. As the saying goes, friends don’t let friends build data centres!
  • The “DevOps on AWS: Deep Dive on Infrastructure as Code” Breakout Session: This was something iTMethods was pleased to sponsor. It explored real-world examples of how AWS customers have successfully merged infrastructure configuration and application code to produce unified development lifecycles using tools like Cloud Formation, orchestration, and source control systems. We found the session very informative and were thrilled to be joined by such a large group.
Funded Migration to the AWS Cloud Through iTMethods’ Proof of Concept (PoC) Program

Our PoC Program was designed to help customers de-risk and accelerate their AWS cloud adoption, providing funding to aid in offsetting the costs of projects. Benefits might include free AWS usage or co-funded professional services.

Highlights of our PoC Program include:

  • It allows customers to explore the capabilities and functionalities of the AWS cloud with defined goals, objectives, and agreed-upon next steps.
  • It’s structured to last between two and eight weeks in duration.
  • We ensure milestones are kept simple and readily achievable.
  • Depending on the opportunity value, there are a number of funding models (including free-of-charge pre-sales, cost sharing, and billable), which AWS might co-fund.

PoCs are ideal for customers looking to:

  • Re-factor, re-platform, or re-architect applications on the AWS cloud.
  • Migrate current applications to the AWS cloud.
  • Reduce database costs by re-factoring from Oracle or SQL Server to Amazon Aurora RDS.
  • Streamline disaster recovery (DR) on AWS.

Do you want to learn how to streamline your journey to the AWS cloud? Contact our experts today to discuss your PoC!

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