This recognition builds on iTMethods’ commitment to AWS and enthusiasm for helping customers leverage the power of AWS to achieve high performance, security, and scalability on the cloud.

The AWS MSP program is designed for APN Consulting Partners who are skilled at cloud infrastructure and application migration, and who deliver superior value to customers by offering proactive monitoring, automation, and management of customer environments. As an AWS MSP, iTMethods has demonstrated accelerated business health, capabilities, knowledge, security, and customer obsession & support.

iTMethods has added even more value for customers by expanding its productized offerings around AWS, each solving a specialized problem faced by organizations of all sizes that are motivated by innovation.

Premier – iTMethods’ core Managed AWS Subscription service that manages & optimizes AWS services 24/7 and ensures customer environments are implemented and running to AWS best practices.

DevOps+ – An Adoption and Managed Services Program for Development Teams that want to release, run, and innovate their applications on the AWS cloud.

Elasity – The most flexible and secure managed Atlassian cloud hosting platform on AWS. Elasity enables organizations to run and scale Atlassian Server and Data Center Applications on AWS to achieve high performance and availability.

DevOps+ TCM – An enterprise ToolChain Management Platform on AWS that integrates industry leading development tools with enterprise-grade security, scalability, fully managed and supported on AWS.

Each of these business solutions on AWS has differentiated iTMethods and has garnered significant traction with small and large enterprise organizations, leading to relationships with companies like RetailMeNot, University of Alberta, and the American Institute of Architects (AIA).

These services represent a commitment from iTMethods to not only surpass AWS MSP requirements, but to innovate on AWS to solve unique problems in the market with their Subscription and SaaS services.

“We are ecstatic to be recognized as an AWS Managed Service Provider again,” said iTMethods CEO & Founder, Paul Goldman. “AWS is constantly raising the bar on their MSP audit requirements, so achieving this further validates our long term commitment to AWS and to delivering outstanding services with increasing value to our customers.”

About iTMethods

iTMethods’ mission is to enable digital innovation on the AWS Cloud. iTMethods is an all-in AWS Advanced Consulting & Managed Services Provider offering a suite of Cloud Subscription and SaaS Offerings that help teams of all sizes execute their digital business & IT priorities.

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