iTMethods sponsored the 2020 Virtual DevOps Enterprise Summit (DOES) where our experts shared some insights and best practices on Cloud enablement and DevOps transformation trends.

In this video blog, our CTO Phi Wan, created a personal video based on his experience speaking to customers on how to secure DevOps toolchain and its key challenges when migrating enterprise to the Cloud. He also shared some best practices on how we’ve helped overcome them.

In his video, Phi focuses on these two challenges:

  • How to achieve multi-cloud toolchain integration.
  • How to address data security and compliance.





Why iTMethods for securing your enterprise DevOps cloud migration?

iTMethods brings 15+ years’ experience as a Managed Service Provider (MSP) and a decade’s specialization as a Cloud-Native company providing a fully Managed DevOps SaaS Platform. We are world-class experts in enabling large enterprises to securely migrate, modernize, and integrate their complex multi-vendor, multi-cloud toolchains to the Cloud.

We have built-in security measures to ensure that every interaction on our Platform meets or exceeds your security standards.

How iTMethods enables multi-cloud toolchain integration?

A multi-Cloud environment often creates a challenge for integrating key systems across your DevOps toolchain. How exactly is iTMethods’ Managed DevOps SaaS Platform able to deploy workloads to those environments?

iTMethods uses Transit Hub – a networking service, which securely connects your DevOps tools into a seamless toolchain on our Platform and integrates to your cloud environments. Other ways to compliment include:

  • Site-site VPNs
  • Physical Connectivity
  • Direct Connect vs Cloud Exchange/Broker (for multi-environments only)
  • AWS Private Link
How iTMethods approaches Data Security?

Access Control and Protection of your data is our top priority.

In addition to ensuring data encryption at risk & in transit, iTMethods also leverages AWS Key Management Service (KMS) and Customer Master Key (CMK) to keep your data flow safe.

We deliver a secure access management through multi-level authentication and leverage AWS workspaces to enforce such controls. Complete private management capabilities with no inbound Internet access or the use of basins ensure your data remains in your environment and never leaves.

We ensure that customer data is fully separated within our Platform by providing a single-tenant environment deployed to your unique specifications. Every environment is separated from another by using different AWS accounts to properly secure DevOps toolchain.

Also, data loss prevention controls are integral to our Platform. We enable high-availability and cross-region redundancy to improve RTO/RPO targets.

As a result of these best practices, our Managed DevOps Platform enables global enterprises to migrate and operate in the Cloud so they can build better software… faster and more securely.

Engage us today to learn how iTMethods’ DevOps SaaS Platform can help accelerate your pace of innovation.

About iTMethods

Successfully operating for over 15 years, we are a market leader in enabling Enterprise DevOps. Our proprietary Managed DevOps SaaS Platform enables companies to integrate, migrate, and modernize their multi-vendor, multi-cloud toolchain so they can build better software, faster and more securely.

Our capabilities include supporting 45+ DevOps tools from leading vendors such as Atlassian, CloudBees/Jenkins OSS, GitHub, SonarSource, GitLab, and many more. These tools are deployed to each customer’s specific requirements, including security, scalability, and 24/7 customer support. The result is our DevOps SaaS Platform securely integrates across multiple teams, multiple processes and workflows, and multiple tools / stacks to achieve excellence in Modern Software Delivery.

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