Here at iTMethods, we’re committed to creating the best integrated DevOps SaaS platform the industry has ever seen. And how we do this is simple — we put our customers at the forefront of every decision we make. 

Whether it’s prioritizing a new feature release or overseeing the data migration of our clients, we live and breathe customer-centricity. And no one can attest to this better than our Director of Strategic Accounts, Mike King.  

Prior to joining iTMethods, Mike was a client. He worked as a Consultant at a bank that was looking to streamline their DevOps tools and processes. After reviewing solutions the market had to offer, Mike was part of the team that recommended iTMethods because of the expertise and positive customer experience we offered:

“It was the quality of the people on the iTMethods team, their responsiveness, and their focus on getting the job done and delivering results that tipped the scale for me.” 

When the firm Mike consulted with was acquired, he knew it was time for a change professionally. He compiled a list of what he wanted in his career and realized that iTMethods checked all the boxes. 

“I reached out to Paul and told him that I didn’t care what type of role I had with iTMethods, I just wanted to be part of the team.”

In 2017, Mike joined iTMethods as our Director of Strategic Accounts and hasn’t looked back since. In comparison to the other organizations he’s been a part of, Mike notes our company’s outlook on change as unique:

“iTMethods embraces new ideas in a way I haven’t seen before. Regardless of role or seniority, every person has the opportunity for their ideas to be acted upon.”

In his current role, Mike is motivated to accelerate the innovation and software delivery to our customers and thrives on the positive impact our platform has on their businesses. Along with Mike, the whole team is driven by solving customer problems and is customer focused. With this type of client commitment, passion and focus on improving DevOps I’m excited for what the future at iTMethods holds for Mike and all our employees.

Want to help companies accelerate software delivery? Then join Mike and the iTMethods Team!