With the recent CloudBees  announcement  that  CloudBees  Jenkins Platform (CJP) is reaching the end of its lifecycle, many enterprises need to find a solution that will suit their organizations’ needs. Fortunately, the option to migrate from CJP to CloudBees CI will allow organizations to take advantage of the many modern benefits it provides. 

In a recentwebinar, Global Partner SA Director at CloudBees, Sheng Sheen shared some of the advantages that CloudBees CI modern provides, compared to a more traditional deployment option like CloudBees Jenkins Platform (CJP).   




Here are some of the key benefits that CloudBees CI provides:  

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From a management standpoint, CloudBees CI provides a better user interface making it easier to do integrations like COI and YAML, pipeline enhancements, and other advanced features your team utilizes daily. 


Most enterprise software teams are being tasked to do more with less. The ability to scale, while managing limited resources is a constant challenge faced by many organizations. CloudBees CI provides better scalability and visibility into the pipeline compared to CJP. Being able to easily and quickly adjust workflows allows your team to keep up with the pace of demand and minimize downtime. 

Security and Compliance  

security graphics 2Organizations today are taking great strides when it comes to innovation, but unfortunately security and compliance continue to be major challenges.

According to Sheng, being able to tie into the back row-based access control, and have limited agents, permissions, and pipeline templates are some of the features CloudBees CI provides on top of the traditional Jenkins tool.

Leverage the power of Kubernetes 

One of the biggest differentiators between CloudBees CI modern and CloudBees Jenkins Platform is the ability to leverage Kubernetes at scale. CloudBees CI deployed on modern cloud platforms is designed to run across multiple Kubernetes clusters, while CloudBees CI on traditional platforms was developed for on-premises installations. 

Sheng states that being able to run your tools across various environments while scaling up and down as needed plays a significant role in your application elasticity.  

This is where we tie into not just on-prem Kubernetes, but in also into the Amazon EKS infrastructure as it was mentioned in the TIAA case. So being able to do that both across on-prem into the hybrid cloud, into Amazon, all those scale up and down as needed as demand, as you see fit that elasticity at the cluster level, that is going to be huge being able to do that for your application." - Sheng Sheen


Get the most value out of CloudBees CI  

Cloudbees Graphics-03Many organizations lack the necessary Kubernetes resources required to take full advantage of the CloudBees CI modern architecture.  

iTMethods can help you migrate from CloudBees Jenkins Platform (CJP) to CloudBees CI, allowing your team to take full advantage of all the additional features and benefits. 

Migrating your current End of life CJP environment to our fully managed DevOps SaaS platform is easier than you think! 

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