GitLab is a popular choice when it comes to implementing Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) and for good reason. It helps teams accelerate software delivery from weeks to minutes, reducing development costs, and mitigating the risk of application vulnerabilities.

In addition to its unmatched visibility, radical new levels of efficiency and comprehensive governance, GitLab significantly compresses the time it takes you to plan a change and monitor its effect.

GitLab graphics7Currently, GitLab' offers two deployment options: SaaS and Self-Managed. While GitLab SaaS might be a good option for those organizations who don't want to worry about downloading, installing, and managing GitLab themselves, GitLab self-managed ensures you have full control of your GitLab environment.

In this post, we will look at why enterprises should deploy GitLab on AWS.

Running GitLab on AWS

Running GitLab on AWS comes with a host of benefits. This includes collaboration and control, streamlined processes, better decision-making, and increased delivery speed (from 3 – 6 weeks down to 30 minutes). Gitlab’s features allow you to gain insight into who is working on what and when, enhancing transparency and eliminating bottlenecks.

Running GitLab on AWS would be a good fit for your organization if you need to:

  • Develop better cloud-native applications faster 
  • Connect AWS to any of your workloads 
  • Deploy GitLab to five popular AWS services: Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), AWS Fargate, Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Services (EKS), AWS Lambda
    AWS Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS)
  • Deploy to your workloads and AWS infrastructure using a single solution

But what if you could connect GitLab and other DevOps applications into a fully managed toolchain on AWS? What if worrying about managing integration points, upgrades and security on your own was no longer a distraction from your core business?

GitLab on AWS as a part of a fully managed, integrated DevOps SaaS Platform

A third alternative for businesses looking to modernize their development and operations rapidly is to consume all their DevOps tools as a SaaS on a single fully managed, integrated platform.

This is where iTMethods is helping leading enterprise software teams.

iTMethods' Managed DevOps SaaS Platform allows you to manage GitLab’s open-source end-to-end software development on AWS. Fully integrating with all of your DevOps tools, and ensuring they are continually updated and optimized.

An increasing number of organizations struggle with the same set of challenges, such as migrating complex deployments to the cloud, managing tools and licenses, as well as keeping software current with the latest updates and innovations. All of this requires time, money and expert resources, to adhere to strict security and compliance requirements.

In their quest to solve these challenges, companies might find their limited resources are being distracted and are unable to focus on their core priorities.

iTMethods Managed DevOps SaaS Platform helps companies solve these challenges by providing a flexible, fully managed DevOps set of capabilities.

We are an authorized GitLab Solution Partner and certified AWS Advanced Consulting, MSP & DevOps Competency Partner supporting GitLab products as a Managed / SaaS service on the AWS Cloud.

SOC-2-Security-BadgeWe tailor GitLab deployments to your enterprise requirements for Security, Hybrid / Multi-cloud Connectivity, Integrations and Support. Our Platform is trusted by organizations globally and is also SOC 2 Type 2 and AWS MSP Certified.

We deploy and maintain GitLab to the highest standards, enabling companies to stay current, optimized and able to take full advantage of new GitLab features as they are released.

Talk to one of our Experts, and see for yourself how iTMethods enables organizations to build better software, faster, and more securely.

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