A recent Atlassian survey of 1,300 customers revealed an intriguing paradox: the smaller the team, the more productive it is.

Of those surveyed, 37% of smaller dev orgs (1-100 people) reported that it takes fewer than 4 hours to push line of code to production versus 23% of medium dev orgs and only 17% of larger dev orgs.

Factors making smaller teams more competitive likely include simpler processes and fewer cross-team dependencies. But what role does software play? Atlassian recently explored this topic in a new blog.  We’ve highlighted some of the key points for you:

Git and Agile Software Development

88% of organizations with 100 or fewer people reported that their team had adopted Agile practices and moved to a Distributed Version Control System (DVCS), which helps teams adapt to changes quickly – regardless of their size.

Almost every new dev org team adopts Agile practices from the beginning. As the business grows and teams expand, they gather in self-organizing groups around specific projects. Those teams continue to use a DVCS like Git to streamline collaboration.

Built-In Automation

No matter a team’s size, automation is critical for enabling collaboration and boosting productivity. Reducing manual work can save countless hours and help teams excel in their areas of expertise, letting them do more with less. Integrating and automating processes means develops can start coding a new branch, automatically move that code along, and stay focused to deliver results faster.

Cloud-Based Platforms

For smaller teams, the challenges of in-house hosting – including managing infrastructure, internal supports, and regular upgrades – can slow them down and distract them when the focus needs to be on growing their business. Cloud computing provides secure, scalable, and reliable environments in which teams can host their critical infrastructures and launch applications.

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