If your datacenter is attacked, how would you respond? If the attack shuts down your business, how long could you go without data access?

Web application attacks are one of the most serious risks in today’s threat landscape. If we have learned anything about the Sony attack that happened last December, it is that lots of companies should be investing more in network security. iTMethods security experts and Alert Logic security and compliance solutions can help.


As cloud adoption grows, Alert Logic has observed a shift in security concerns. While cloud security remains a major concern, the business benefits of moving applications to the cloud are too compelling to resist. Organizations moving to the cloud must implement enterprise-grade security solutions to protect their cloud workloads. These solutions must be cloud-deployable, and must contain advanced security content and analytics consistent with the attack vectors prevalent in the cloud. In other words, organizations cannot rely on legacy approaches to security to support their cloud infrastructure. They must find solutions that deliver protection specifically for the cloud.

Alert Logic Security and Compliance Solutions

Alert Logic simplifies IT security and compliance management by delivering Security-as-a-Service consisting of advanced security tools integrated with 24×7 expert security services, an “as-a-Service” delivery model, and deployment wherever IT goes.

Portfolio consists of four main products and services:

  • Alert Logic Threat Manager – A vulnerability assessment and intrusion detection solution that cost-effectively defends and protects your network against internal and external threats across centralized and distributed environments.

  • Alert Logic Log Manager – Protects and stores the data to preserve against unauthorized loss, access or modification.

  • Alert Logic Web Security Manager – Protects against the most dangerous attacks such as SQL Injection and Cross-Site Scripting.

  • ActiveWatch and LogReview Services – ActiveWatch, integrated with Threat Manager, provides 24×7 network monitoring, expert analysis and guidance on security events and incidents. This service increases the accuracy of threat detection, reduces false positives and allows you to stay focused on your business. ActiveWatch for Web Security Manager provides 24×7 monitoring and ongoing tuning of your web application firewall, along with escalation for inappropriately blocked requests. LogReview provides daily event log monitoring and review, and is designed to help you meet PCI DSS requirement 10.6.

Deciphering data, determining vulnerabilities and identifying & responding to threats requires expertise and can be delivered through Alert Logic and iTMethods managed services.

iTMethods security experts can help you assess your network and provide more details on how Alert Logic’s security and compliance solutions can protect your network. Contact us today: 416-849-1284 or innovate@itmethods.com

About iTMethods

iTMethods is a leading Amazon Web Services (AWS) Advanced Consulting Partner and an Atlassian Expert partner. The company helps clients move critical workloads to the AWS cloud and successfully manage them at any scale. Grounded in years of managed services success, iTMethods understands the technological and human complexities of deploying, automating, and securing workloads in AWS 24/7.

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