Migrating to the cloud can be a complex process. It’s important to make sure your migration strategy is customized to meet your business objectives.

Through our experiences moving diverse workloads to the cloud, we’ve learned that every migration is different, but as a whole they fall into 7 common cloud migration scenarios. Below is a brief summary of each.

1. New Cloud Deployment

Maximize agility through new cloud deployments. Without needing to negotiate constraints that come with transitioning existing workloads, your business will be able to streamline, simplify, and cloud-enable its IT infrastructures.

2. Cloud-to-Cloud Migration

Whether you’re moving to cut costs or boost performance, migrating to a new cloud means taking advantage of enhanced speed, scalability, reliability, and security.

3. Distressed Cloud Projects

Has your project hit a snag in the road? Cloud strategies are often mismanaged and need to be taken over by experts who specialize in rescuing struggling projects.

4. Lift-and-Shift Legacy Cloud Infrastructures

A lift-and-shift is a fast, affordable, and secure solution. As long as your application is suitable, you can move it to the cloud without changing code.

5. Lift-and-Optimize Legacy Infrastructures

Sometimes legacy applications will need architectural changes before you migrate them. Optimizing the deployment environment and redeveloping application functionality will let you take advantage of built-in services including auto-scaling, managed services like RDS or Elasticsearch, serverless computing using Lambda, backup and recovery using snapshots, and security / compliance by design.

6. Hybrid IT and Cloud Infrastructures

A hybrid solution can give you a more gradual transition to the cloud, letting you maintain your existing infrastructure while taking advantage of the agility, speed, and performance that comes with cloud computing. Solutions such as cloud-bursting or disaster recovery for on premise VMs can provide cost effective ways of leveraging the cloud.

7. Developing and Testing in the Cloud

Relocating your development and test sites to the cloud will shorten setup and cycle times, allowing you to quickly create, deploy, and manage applications and workloads.

Choosing the Right Partner to Manage Your Migration

Cloud migration is an evolving, ongoing process demanding specialized skillsets to move complex workloads efficiently without compromising security.

Migrating to the AWS cloud will transform how you do business. With AWS, you can customize your experience to address a variety of use cases while maximizing scalability, security, and performance.

At iTMethods, our AWS experts have the experience and expertise to not only deploy secure, scalable AWS environments, but also manage them 24x7x365. We will work with you to optimize, simplify, automate, future-proof, and accelerate your cloud strategies.

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