Over the next few weeks, iTMethods will be leading a series of toolchain-focused workshops during CloudBees’ upcoming Jenkins Days.

Jenkins Days will make stops in eight cities across the United States, starting in Boston on April 10 before wrapping up in Seattle on June 7. We wanted to give you a behind-the-scenes look at our workshop.

Interactive Discussion of the Challenges Organizations Face When Adopting DevOps


The workshop kicks off with a facilitated discussion of the top challenges audience members are facing as their organizations adopt DevOps. Participants vote on topics using their smartphones, and that guides the focus of the discussion, giving everyone the opportunity to share experiences and learn from their peers. Some of the topics include: cultural challenges, lack of skills, absence of executive support, existing governance/risk/compliance processes, and more.

Case Study: A Leading Global Financial Institution Transitions to a Scalable Continuous Delivery Platform with CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise

The financial institution’s 45,000 employees and hundreds of software teams serve 11 million customers through over 1,500 applications. Its goal was to become the best bank in their market and enhance client experiences in ways that make it easier for people to bank when, where, and how they want. To do this, the financial institution needed to embrace Agile and DevOps practices to evolve how they deliver software. An integrated DevOps toolchain comprised of best-in-breed tools was a key component of this transformation.

Expertise-GapsThe case study walks through the financial institution’s decision making process. It then highlights the architecture, and concludes with a set of learnings and best practice takeaways that will benefit other organizations who are adopting DevOps.

See a Live Demonstration of a Cloud-Enabled Toolchain at a Jenkins Day Event Near You!

Join us for Jenkins Days, coming to eight cities across the US (Boston, Washington DC, Chicago, Dallas, New York, Atlanta, Los Angeles, and Seattle) this spring.

The workshop concludes with a live demo of a cloud-enabled toolchain comprised of CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise (CJE), Jira, Github, JFrog Artifactory, and CloudBees DevOptics Deliver (featuring CJE 2.0 on Kubernetes with Amazon EKS).

This demonstration will showcase:

  • Push-button deployment of the toolchain
  • Automated builds triggered
  • Automated testing
  • Automated artifact storage
  • Application deployment to cloud (AWS) environment
  • End-to-end application value stream visualization with DevOptics.

Do not forget to purchase tickets for an upcoming event! Enter JENKDAYITM10 to get 10% off the price of admission when you check out.

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