Designation Deepens iTMethods’ AWS Expertise and Commitment to Industry-Leading Cloud Migration, Automation, and Management Services

iTMethods, an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Advanced Consulting and Managed Service Partner, is pleased to announce that it has been recognized as a member of AWS’ new Service Delivery Program for both Aurora and Database Migration Service, announced at AWS re:Invent 2016. This designation reaffirms the company’s commitment to industry-leading cloud migration, automation, and management processes for its customers.

To become a Service Delivery Program member, service providers must demonstrate skillful experience implementing and managing deployments on the AWS Cloud. The Service Delivery Program helps AWS customers find qualified APN Partners that provide expertise in a specific service or skill area. To qualify, partners must pass service-specific verification of customer references and a technical review, meaning customers can be confident they are working with partners that provide recent and relevant experience.

iTMethods ensures its customers’ cloud journeys are streamlined, simplified, and managed at every step. It works closely with clients to define objectives, develop clear roadmaps, design the right architecture and operational procedures, test plans and security measures, and execute a seamless migration before and managing, automating, and securing workloads on an ongoing basis.

“Becoming a member of AWS’ Service Delivery Program for Aurora and Database Migration Services serves as further validation to our ongoing investment and commitment to serving our customers,” said Paul Goldman, CEO of iTMethods. “Undergoing the thorough approval process proves we are ready to walk our talk – helping companies and organizations of all sizes migrate, automate, secure, and manage workloads on the AWS Cloud.”


About iTMethods

iTMethods is an Amazon Web Services Advanced Consulting and Managed Service Partner helping customers deploy, automate, and manage their cloud infrastructure to realize the full value of AWS. They collaborate with their customers, helping them optimize and secure their critical workloads 24/7. iTMethods streamlines code deployment with automation and DevOps. Founded in 2005, they are headquartered in Toronto, Canada. 

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